Never on hold with AgentNLP

Transform your inbound and outbound call centre into a positive experience for your customers.


Your customers expect and demand excellent support when they call. Turn every customer support call into a brand-building opportunity with AgentNLP. Our AI speaking digital platform for call centers listens and speaks to your customers seamlessly as it fields and resolves their calls efficiently and securely.


AgentNLP facilitates outbound conversations, powered by a robust AI engine, enabling you to reach out to clients for updates, news, or follow-ups at your discretion. API integrations with SYNTHEIA ensure real-time updates to your CRM or ERP platform.


Ensure a positive customer experience by eliminating hold times during client calls. Our platform promptly services customer requests, delivering instant information without the need for department transfers. Syntheia comprehensively addresses all client inquiries.


Fields calls and takes orders automatically, learning from every conversation to improve


Integrates with your call center and POS software seamlessly, requiring no IT changes


Built-in security defends enterprise and customer data, and protects privacy


Natural language Ai sounds, listens, and speaks like a real agent


Learns from every customer conversation to improve its performance


Available 24/7/365, never gets sick, and requires no additional training

AgentNLP learns from every customer interaction and analyzes historical recorded calls from existing software. Discover the trends and topics your customers care about most. Improve your product or services by identifying the most important gaps in your customer experience.

Cut costs as you scale up.

  • Focus on the high value customers
  • Never put a customer on hold gain
  • Watch your support metrics soar
  • Reduce operating costs immediately
  • Dramatically scale your capacity
  • Learn from every customer conversation
  • Offer support in multiple languages
  • No technology infrastructure requirements
  • Available on demand for high volume peak times

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Transform your customer experience with AgentNLP for call centers and OrderNLP for restaurants. The culmination of years of investment and development by SYNTHEIA.

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